Twitter: @DUCKWRTH, @TheKickDrums
If you’re a hip-hop aficionado, then today is your lucky day, because we’ve a brand-new offering from up-and-coming Bay Area-via-South Central act, Duckwrth, who’s teamed up with the highly credentialed producer, Fitts, from The Kickdrums. The Kickdrums have been respected within the hip-hop community for years, but Duckwrth is just starting to really make a name for himself, and in their collaborative new single, “Super Soaker”, they fight police brutality through one excellent rap offering. Fitts has crafted an exceptional instrumental here consisting of stylish electric guitar strums and a hard-hitting drum kit, and beneath it all is some energizing bass. Atop the ideal beat, meanwhile, Duckwrth spits some passionate verses focused on the topic of police brutality, and the combination of his raw lyrics and the edgy beat is fantastic. Alongside the single, the two are promoting the hashtag “#shootthepolice” in order to remind people to shoot on camera any instances of police brutality, and if that sounds like something you’d be interested in supporting, make sure you check out the thunderclap they made for it HERE. “Super Soaker” is the first release from Duckwrth and Fitts’ upcoming EP, NOWHERE, which you can expect to see out sometime this fall. Also, if you’re in Brooklyn, you can catch the two performing at Glasslands on October 27th. Via HillyDilly
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