Twitter: @imfromcle, @UMS_Cleveland I'm From Cleveland & Underground Music Studios have released their very first exclusive track together titled "Drip." This record is a step towards unity in the city. Supadupa Caesar, Big Bank Holly, Press Play MJ, Bae Bae Savo, & Toon each lay down their own flair on this track to make it hit hard! The Killah Kalam produced instrumental offers a melodic and simplistic base for each artist to fit in the pocket and create a cohesive bond between each artists' verse. In February, we teamed up with UMS for an event called Linking The Land, bringing artists and tastemakers from all over the city together at Bulkley House to network with one another. We also rented out each studio and let the artists vibe together. "Drip" is a product of this event and a perfect example of the endless possibilities it had to offer artist in Cleveland. Listen below. Linking The Land Recap Video: