Instagram: @juliajthompson, @dreweybear Cleveland singer Julia Thompson was just recently featured on Spotify’s signature New Music Friday playlist for her latest single, “Nights”, Julia has skyrocketed in growth over these past couple weeks with her latest single hitting 100k streams in just three weeks. Her next single, “The One”, will have it's official music lyric video airing on MTV on August 31st.
Initially created by Dreweybear as a rough track while messing around in the studio, “The One” is the product of an off chance collaboration between Julia Thompson and Drew. Originally, the song was layered with vocal chops from Julia’s previous single, “Spark”. Eventually, after a handful of production revisions, “The One” evolved into a summer pop anthem. Written during a period of uncertainty in Julia’s life, “The One” captures the essence of confusion and regret in a dire relationship through drastic vocal drops and high energy pop melodies.