Doxx’’s new mixtape, Let It Be… Famous, is a tribute to his favorite band of all time: The Beatles. This is the first re-mix project of Doxx’’s career, so he wanted to make sure he did it the right way. He enlisted his partner-in-crime producer, Freeze, to help him bring his idea to life. IM KING and Pocket Full of Paper have also jumped on board to sponsor the project.

“It’’s all about being tasteful,” said Doxx, “you can”t just walk all over the music of arguably the greatest band ever. That was in the back of my mind throughout the recording process.” The fact that there have already been a number of Beatles remixes was not a deterring factor. “I”ve heard Beatles remixes before that I thought were really good, but Let It Be… Famous is unique in that I tried to keep their original sound intact. I asked myself ”what if I were the fifth Beatle?” and wrote the songs accordingly. I tried not to change the message of the songs too much.” “I didn”t force myself to do a minimum number of songs, which allowed the project to come together naturally. It ended up being six songs – short and sweet – which I think is perfect since I also just finished recording my album, Suck My Soul, which I hope to release not too long after the mixtape. Let It Be… Famous is the perfect lead-in.” On Monday, Doxx will be launching his new website, Doxx Baby, as well as releasing the trailer and Everybody’’s Got Something To Hide, the mixtape’’s single. Let It Be… Famous will be available for free on April 30th. Via The Coventry Kids