Last night, Dj Knyce and Dirty Jones put together #TheDopeShow at the Grog Shop. It was a great turn out in which everyone played their part! Dj Misses was spinning while we saw performances from Tommy Missus, Millz Peso, Nuke Franklin, and Riz Leigh. Also in attendance was Proof, DoxxBaby, and Paper Paulk. The crowd started to show during the performance of Common Ave, which was dope. After their performance, Knyce took a moment to explain to the crowd the meaning behind #TheDopeShow. He went on to say the reason this event is happening is because he cares about the younger generation and wants that generation to gain experience and exposer on the stage. Knyce is fully behind the local Cleveland music scene and wants to help the talent that will be present in the city. The crowd really got their groove on when Boss Lucci hit the stage. One of the most engaged songs was when he performed his single "Paid In Full." There was some hate in the crowd towards Lucci, which really disappoints me because Cleveland artists are always hating on each other. Most of the time this hate comes from the artists who envy those who are actually putting on. If you support the the city and are proud of where you are from, then take pride in other artists work because it is what represents the same city we all share! Back to the performance side, Ski Mask Malley wrapped the night up with some really dope tracks! IMG_2234 IMG_2240 IMG_2327 Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 3.11.59 PM