Twitter: @TheCoastENT @zacmatthews1 @captain216 @dopekultmillz @northcoastWill @sicksteen_216 With a long list of notable up and coming Cleveland artists District 13 (The Captain, Sicksteen, Willflame, Millz Pe$o, and Zac Mathews) bring the heat with their song "#GMFTwelve." First off I have to say will killed this beat with the single guitar notes and the drums. Each artist goes in on this song and howels, but is not ignorant about it. They get their point across and don't waste anytime. Each person presents their verse in a subtle way. I enjoyed what each person had to say, but the way Will comes in on his verse has me hooked along with how catchy the hook itself is... No pun intended. FUCK 12!


Bobby Booshay is celebrating his 19th birthday on February 27th by bringing out some local talent to The Symposium! Click the image above to view the entire flyer. See you there!