Instagram: @a_debs7 Debs, an artist originally from Akron, has recently moved & taken his talents to Cleveland. His voice quickly captures the attention of listeners, with a unique approach that sort of falls somewhere between rapping and singing. He keeps a consistent flow throughout the entire song on "Glass," spitting over production by XIVProductions. The video for this song will keep you on the edge of your seat, as Debs departs from his home early on. He takes a rose from the yard, which definitely has symbolic meaning to the overall visual. Watch as he is forced to deal with some issues alone, even as he is surrounded by friends at a party.. it's easy to tell something is up..
Created by: Ahmed Gouilos Directed by: Ahmed Gouilos & XIVKONGO Filmed by: XIVKONGO Produced by: XIVProductions Mix & Mastered by: Glen Morrison & Danny Hajj