TFIM Twitter: @DANXEPX2 The Feeling Is Mutual is a R&B influenced project by DAN~E~P. This project's intention is to reach out to those who have similar feelings as he does, and let them in on his inner feelings; before, during, and after a relationship. The mixtape includes influenced tracks from Kendrick Lamar's Poetic Justice, "Poetic" and Drake's Girl's Love Beyonce, "Girl's Love" which is a pretty dope track. I can feel the passion within Dan's emotional sway in the vocals. One thing that did work for Dan that not everyone can pull off, was using a Rihanna chorus in that Drake inspired "Girl's Love" because his voice backs him up. He even turns down the instrumental near the end and as if he is reaching out to "that girl" and passionately says... "You the one that I dream about all day, You the one that I think about always, You are the one so I make sure I behave, My love is your love, Your love is mine"