Cleveland, we are bringing you an exclusive spotlight of the best bar crawl company and our personal favorite, Bar Crawl LIVE! They are Cleveland's official and original bar crawl company, and since we are here to give you the inside scoop on all things Cleveland, we think you need to put them on your radar. 

Bar Crawl LIVE! leads the entertainment industry and hosts themed events in multiple cities across the country. They essentially took the outdated concept of a "pub crawl" and revolutionized the new age idea of a “bar crawl” by partnering with the most popular venues, showcasing trending themes, and bringing new music to you directly. 

From vibrant themes to bustling venues, Bar Crawl LIVE! is your gateway to exploring the most unforgettable bar crawl events in Cleveland. Whether you're a fan of spooky Halloween nights, spirited St. Patrick's celebrations, or Pride Month Parties, there's a Bar Crawl LIVE! Bar Crawl tailored just for you. Let’s check them out…

What to Expect From a Bar Crawl LIVE! Event

For over 8+ years, Bar Crawl LIVE! has brought life to the venues on West 6th St in Downtown Cleveland celebrating themes like The St. Patrick's Bar Crawl, The Pride Bar Crawl, The Halloween Bar Crawl, and The Ugly Sweater Bar Crawl. Bar Crawl LIVE! is always bringing you the most current crawl themes that are trending! 

They specialize in transforming ordinary evenings into legendary events with a variety of themed bar crawls throughout the year. Each event is carefully crafted to offer a unique experience that resonates with the theme, ensuring a sure-fire memorable night out for everyone involved.

Bar Crawl attendees can expect a night filled with themed drinks, exclusive food and drink specials, free entry to the top venues, and an array of activities and contests designed to keep the party going from dusk till dawn.

Why You Should Consider Going on a Cleveland Bar Crawl with Bar Crawl LIVE!

Ultimate Parties for Every Theme

If you want to go to the absolute, hands down, best party for the major themes and holidays, you gotta check out Bar Crawl LIVE! and get your tickets because if not, you won’t get in the event. They bring out crowds for St. Patrick’s Day & Halloween every year. Those are the biggest events of the year and our personal favorites!  Cleveland's bar crawl scene is second to none, with themes that cater to everyone's taste. 

Exclusive Deals for Bar Crawl LIVE! Attendees

Ticket holders get to enjoy unbeatable deals on food and drinks exclusive to Bar Crawl LIVE! attendees with a wristband. With special themed cocktails, discounts on favorites, and themed food specials at each venue, your taste buds are in for a treat without breaking the bank.

Bar Crawl Games, Contests, Activities, & More

From costume contests to corned beef eating comptetions each event is packed with opportunities to win prizes, be the center of the show, and even have those bragging rights among your friends.

All You Need To Do Is Show Up

Experience the convenience of a well-planned crawl, with easy check-in, a dedicated bar wristband for accessing specials, and a digital bar list to to guide you and keep you informed about what's happening and where throughout the night. Bar Crawl LIVE! is committed to innovation, constantly seeking new ways to enhance the crawl experience with fresh themes and cutting-edge technology. Safety and enjoyment are top priorities, ensuring a carefree and thrilling experience for all participants.

Join the Ultimate Bar Crawl Experience

Safety is #1 Priority

You never know about crowds these days and we are sure of one thing: Bar Crawl LIVE! Makes safety their number one priority by making sure everyone is having fun in a safe way. 

Upcoming Bar Crawls in Cleveland 

Let's get one thing straight... Cleveland is on the rise. And if you dont think so, that just means you need to get out more often and this article is just for you! There are a ton of different areas in the City that offer bars, pubs, taverns, and nightclubs. There are a few areas in the city that are fun to explore such as West 25th Street in Ohio City, the Flats, and East 4th Street for nightlife, however, Bar Crawl LIVE! is primarily focussed on Warehouse District on West 6th Street in Downtown Cleveland. Tthe best part about West 6th Street is that the bars are so close to one another and each bar offers a different feel, a different vibe.

How Bar Crawls Work in Cleveland

Joining a bar crawl in Cleveland is as easy as showing up and letting loose. You'll be guided through the city's nightlife, with each venue offering something special to make your night extra memorable. 

The unique aspect of participating in bar crawls in Cleveland is that they offer an exclusive experience, often limiting access to the bars involved. If you're looking to visit a particular bar during one of these events, you might find it challenging to do so without being part of the crawl. Bars tend to close their doors to non-participating guests, which means you're faced with a choice: pay individual cover charges at each bar or opt for a bar crawl ticket.

Choosing to pay the cover at each bar allows entry, but it comes with drawbacks. Not only will you miss out on the event's drink specials, but you'll likely encounter long lines. Furthermore, hopping from one bar to the next means paying multiple cover charges, quickly adding up in cost. This scenario makes purchasing a bar crawl ticket the more sensible option. With a ticket, you gain the convenience of a single payment for entry to all participating bars, along with the perks of special drink prices and a streamlined experience, free from the hassle of queues and repeated cover fees.

1. Buy A Ticket

First thing is first. Once you have decided that you want to attend a bar crawl, you need to buy a ticket. Purchase tickets from Bar Crawl LIVE’s official website or the Official Bar Crawl LIVE page on Eventbrite. The closer the date gets to the event, the more ticket prices cost. We suggest getting your tickets early to avoid paying the day-of prices. Also, most bar crawl themes sell out every year so make sure to buy your tickets early to be sure to secure your spot. 

2. Read the Directions

Once you purchase a ticket, Bar Crawl LIVE! Will send all event correspondence via email to keep you up to date and informed. They will send you something called a Digital Bar List that shows which Bars are including on the crawl, a map of how to get to them, along with drink and food specials and other important information about the crawl. The will send this email to you a few times if you buy your tickets early to make sure you know what is going on. They will also let you know about any early registrations or exciting updates about the event via email. 

3. Make Sure Your Friend Group is Informed

Share the info sent to you via email with your friends so that they can purchase a ticket to the Crawl and help them avoid buying fake or scam tickets. Also, make sure all your friends get their tickets and understand that all participating bars are 100% exclusive to Bar Crawl LIVE! wristbands only (meaning if they don't buy a ticket before the Crawl, they won't be able to get in.)

4. Pick Up Your Wristbands

Once you read the directions that were sent to you in an email, bring your digital ticket to registration to receive your wristband(s). You have a limited time to pick up your wristband(s) upon registration/check-in bar on the day of the Crawl. If you can't make it during the registration/check-in bar timeframe, have a friend check you in, and your friend will have your wristband for you when you arrive.

5. Hop from One Bar To Another

Throughout the day, you'll be hopping from one bar to another during the participating bars' time slots and enjoying the vibe of each of the venues on the crawl. If there is a costume contest, or bar crawl games on the lineup, be sure to not miss those! They always make for great people watching.

6. Take Advantage of Drink & Food Specials

The best part about the bar crawl is that you get deals with your wristband on drinks, shots, and food. Make sure to check the Digital Bar List for specialty themed cocktails on special too. Those always elevate and make celebrating the theme more fun! 

Participating Cleveland Bars 

As we mentioned before, each bar has to have its own identity. Stepping into each bar gives you a taste of what that venue is all about. Check out some of the participating bars that Bar Crawl LIVE works with to get a feel for what it might be like going to a Cleveland Bar Crawl

The Ivy

1212 W 6th St, Cleveland, OH 44113

Entering The Ivy feels like you've stepped into another world – one where lush greenery meets a cool, gangster-chic atmosphere. It's as if luxury had a baby with a mob boss's den, and honestly, we're here for it. The place just oozes 'the spot to be' vibes with its jaw-dropping decor. It's not just a bar; it's the scene of your next great night out.

Dive Bar

1214 W 6th St, Cleveland, OH 44113

Just a hop, skip, and steps down from The Ivy, and you've landed in Dive Bar – a place that's all about good vibes and throwback feels. It's like walking into a big, happy hug. With its chill atmosphere, skee-ball fun, and TVs for days, it's your go-to for sports nights or just chilling with the crew. Dive Bar is where you come to kick back, laugh, and maybe make a few new besties.

Velvet Dog

1280 W 6th St, Cleveland, OH 44113

Velvet Dog is a multi-level extravaganza, each floor offering its unique experience. From the hip-hop beats on the first floor to themed seasonal transformations on the second, it's a place that celebrates in style. The rooftop, open during summer, is a coveted spot for its stunning downtown Cleveland views and social atmosphere, complete with bottle service for those special occasions.

Barley House

1261 W 6th St, Cleveland, OH 44113

If 'live it up' is your motto, then Barley House is your playground. Mixing old-school charm with a buzzing party vibe, this place is the heartbeat of any celebration in town. Tailgates, birthdays, or just because it's Tuesday – Barley House is popping. And when the weather's playing nice, their patio is the place to be. Oh, and did we mention the food is straight-up fire?


1266 W 6th St, Cleveland, OH 44113

Rumor is the secret sauce to our bar crawls – especially if you're all about that hip-hop life. Walking in here, the bass alone will have you hyped, ready to dance the night away in one of the coolest vibes Cleveland has to offer. Trust us, it's a game-changer for your night out.

Block Parties on W 6th Street

Some of the bar crawls get so big that they need to shut the street down and throw a giant block party. Bar Crawl LIVE! turns W 6th Street into the ultimate block party central – think street vendors, food trucks, and all the fun you can handle. And let's not forget the Shamrock the Block Party – it's the bash of the year you definitely don't want to miss. Haven't got your tickets yet? What are you waiting for! Grab yours now.

Get Tickets to Upcoming Cleveland Bar Crawls

If you're looking to experience Cleveland's nightlife at its finest, keep an eye on upcoming bar crawl events and themes. Whether you're marking your calendar for the next St. Patty's Day Bar Crawl, gearing up for Pride Month, or planning to don your best onesie for a unique night out, there's always something on the horizon​​​​.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, pick a theme, and dive into the vibrant nightlife of Cleveland. With the city's Official Bar Crawl Company, every crawl is an opportunity to make unforgettable memories, meet new friends, and explore the best bars in town. Cheers to the nights that turn into stories for years to come!