2014 is coming close to end, and we will be releasing a recap of each artist we chose last for our Cleveland's Next Up series. We received a lot of feedback on our list last year, and now we are here to display the accomplishments and advancements this group of talented artists made since last December. Cleveland's Next Up 2015, coming very soon.

Cleveland's Next Up: Referee (2014 Recap)

  • Performed at SXSW in Austin TX
  • Performed in NYC and Myrtle Beach
  • Nominated for Best Album at OHHA
  • Featured in the largest battle rap magazine in the country 100 Bars Magazine
  • Battled Real Deal, one of the biggest battle rappers in the country on Sept. 27th
  • Also battling Showoff Nov 22nd in New York who is another one of the biggest in the country in battle rap
  • Had several songs played on Shade 45 on Sirius Satellite Radio
  • Headlined multiple shows in Ohio
  • Started a clothing line Bragfly.com
  • Started his own graphic design company.
  • Currently working on his next album which does not yet have a title.
ohio album ad Stalley's debut album "Ohio" is finally here! Click the image above to purchase on iTunes!