Group Final Pic

We decided that we needed to shine the light on a specific group of artists who we feel have great potential to make 2014 their year. Above you will see the group picture (feel free to click on it to enlarge!)

Top Row: Referee, Shuicide Holla, Boss Lucci, Billard, TKO

Bottom Row: Danny London, Caine, Ezzy, NicX, ZuP

When we say “shine the light,” we don't mean just compile a list. We took it a step further. Expect freestyles and interviews from each artist to be dropping VERY SOON. Promo video is below. Also huge shoutout to Genius Films for the studio time and photoshoot! Awesome dudes!

Hit the break to read a very small paragraph on each artist, and why we chose them.

Referee’s latest project was released via iTunes. He has performed at the past two SXSW and is expected to do so again this year. His name is quickly generating buzz and respect in the city performing at different events, cyphers, and features across Cleveland.

ZuP came off of a big year with a completely different and unique sound. He performed at Roverfest for a crowd of thousands. He was also asked to perform at the OHHA where he was nominated for Album Of The Year. ZuP was booked to play Ingenuity Fest until weather put up an obstacle. His debut album ‘Room To Grow’ was released via iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and more.

Boss Lucci dropped some of the biggest club singles in the city in 2013, earning him the respect of his peers and making all of the DJs fans of his music. He won the Dopest MC contest that was held at House Of Blues, earning him time at TreeSound Studios and a beat from Justice League.

Taking over two cities is twice the work, but that’s the challenge NicX has accepted. This Cleveland born and raised rapper currently lives in Atlanta but is also present in his hometown. Last year Complex included NicX as one of the notable artists in Cleveland amongst Machine Gun Kelly, Kid Cudi, King Chip, Bone Thugs, and others. Not only is he a rapper, but a more complete artist as he produces a lot of his own music, along with directing and editing his own videos.

Danny London brings a twist to the RnB scene in Cleveland. He landed a number of features including ‘Zero Love’ with Clevelander TreaZon which was featured on MTV. He has done a majority of his work with out of state artists branching his network onto a much more national scene. His debut project ‘Finding Harmony’ was released via iTunes and he kicked off his local career with a major album release show at The Grog Shop featuring acts such as Lorine Chia, J Ab, and more.

When it comes to consistency of quality in music and videos, TKO is currently winning. This artist pulls in thousands of views on his work each time something new is released. TKO uses his appealing and recognizable voice to create music filled with similes and clever lyrics that other artists in rap aren’t making. He has also worked with industry famous rappers like Paul Wall and Styles P.

Billard recently put out his self titled project which had some very solid tracks. His best songs seem to be produced by himself as he is developing quickly as a well-rounded artist. Towards the end of 2013 he was featured on where they said "from this video it seems the Midwest maybe can forget about Chief Keef."

Ezzy is one of the younger artists with potential coming out of Cleveland.He is an extremely hard worker and passionate person, as he is currently tackling school and his music career at the same time. He has worked along the likes of artists such as superstar Kendrick Lamar. With his swift flow and a well-liked image, Ezzy has a chance to make a big name for himself nationally.

Coming off an extreme road year, Caine performed overseas and across the country gaining new fans each stop along the way. His single ‘When The Music Stops’ was nominated for a few OHHA awards including Best Collaboration with Krayzie Bone. His greatest feat in the city came as he opened for Bone Thugs at their reunion show at House Of Blues.

Shuicide Holla dropped a major project that generated a good amount of buzz and earned him the title of ‘Lyricist Of The Year’ at the OHHA. But thats not where his reign ends. He is starting to become quite the ‘visual king’ releasing great videos to add onto his impressive resume. We expect him to keep up his consistency in 2014, because if he does who knows where his next stop will be.