Twitter: @CLEVELANDmusic No one can say that the Cleveland hip-hop music scene isn't strong. Through these weekly recaps we see many of the same artists continuing to make moves, while new ones are making a statement as ones to watch for as well. This week we got a heartfelt video from Hodgie, a BEAUTIFUL song from Lorine Chia, yet another Sway In The Morning freestyle from Aphiniti, a DJ Booth Freestyle from NicX, and some other dope content. Check it all out below! Snippets of everything are above, and the full songs/videos can be found below!

Hodgie - That's Okay (Video)

Tommy Missus - "Classic Man" Remix (Video)

Lorine Chia - Feeling Like I've Been Wrong

Shuicide Holla - Change Clothes (Video)

Aphiniti Freestyles On Sway In The Morning (Video)

Casa - Cleveland To Miami

NicX - 10MG (DJ Booth Freestyle)

DJ Corey Grand - Water (Video)

Pooh Gutta - Mommy