malcupnext-big-boi Malcupnext Age: 17 Signed to Big Boi Poppin via Instagram x Twitter Performed at Summer Jam
michael-conor Michael Conor Age: 18 Started rapping, discovered by NBC.. won the competition.. first video over 1 mil views
alex-angelo Alex Angelo Age:17 Had a very long career.. disney, producer, dancer, dj etc newest video singing in spanish
cassidy-king Cassidy King Age: 19
nahzzy Nahzzy Age:
michael-luis Michael Luis Age: 20 song on 96.5 On The Low on Cosign
lil-cray Lil Cray Age: 20
jake-paul Jake Paul Age: 20 Actor Jake Paul rose to fame after him and his older brother, Logan Paul, began using Vine to capture an audience. Eventually, Jake got a role on Disney's Bizaardvark. However, due to the young star's behavior off the set they decided to let him go. After hearing his music and watching his music videos, it's safe to say he would not have captured the attention of any fanbase had that been his first pursuit. He reps Ohio by mentioning it in his music, and he even has a song called "Ohio Fried Chicken." We are not co-signing Jake's music by any means, but it's hard to ignore the fact that he pulls in tens of millions of views every time he releases new material. It might be best that he sticks to acting and making funny videos.. At the very least we had to acknowledge him as an artist from Cleveland (Westlake to be specific) who is only 20 years old and making a living off of his personal brand.
Raed. Age:

Pete Swipin Age:

Cleveland's young talent isn't only found in our singers and rappers. We decided to shine some light on a young Cleveland producer who is making some serious moves. DrumGod (Producer) Age: 14