Chip Tha Ripper’s best memories growing up come from rap music….. The Urbanian got a chance to interview Chip Tha Ripper at his beautiful new apartment overlooking the lake in Cleveland. This has been one of my favorite interviews because Chip stood out from a lot of artists I’ve talked to. Chip is NOT afraid to say he is a rapper. There are a lot of negative connotations associated with rappers and his ultimate career goal is to change that.

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“A lot of people over think rap, it can be anything you want it to be about,” said Chip. Chip told us his fist break came when he was in high school. He built a demand burning CDs and passing them out to people. “I just kinda grew like a tree,” said Chip. For instance his buddy Duke put Chip’s music on his MySpace profile page and word spread from there. People were going crazy trying to get copies of his music. Chip grew up in a concrete jungle where the murder rate in Cleveland was number three. But he attended Euclid High School because his mother wouldn’t let him go to the high school where he lived. This combination allowed Chip to learn street knowledge and real knowledge. “I always had the mind-set I would do something important, when I was little I would feel like there would be cameras all around me, “said Chip. We got to hear some of Chip’s new music on his upcoming album, and all we have to say is get ready to be blown away. “Beware of what’s real and what’s not……….” Get the rest of these lyrics on his first album “Gift Raps” coming soon on iTunes! Website - Twitter - Facebook Via Urbanian