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Cassidy King is a young superstar in the making. The Cleveland singer has turned 20 years old as of today. Although her career is just beginning to take off, Cassidy actually entered her first talent show in the 7th grade. She took advantage of the talent shows during her high school career as she blessed the stage each year to showcase her amazing voice. During her sophomore year in high school Cassidy began practicing poetry, which made song writing come natural for her.

Cassidy's friend recorded a video of her covering a popular song which she uploaded to Twitter.. That exposure eventually lead to her being invited to a studio where she first began recording in November of 2016. After that experience Cassidy was drawn to creating music, "opening a door never knew existed." Cassidy is influenced by two artists in particular: Russ & Kehlani. Both of these artists have shown the ability to make it on their own despite facing adversity. There is nothing like the feeling these artists can make their listeners experience, which is something that Cassidy strives to do in her own music. She learns something new from creating music every day. Being able to help not only herself, but also the people that use her music as a form of therapy, continues to motivate Cassidy to create music and use it as an outlet to speak on topics she wouldn't otherwise address. Performing live at concerts has been inspiring to the Cleveland singer, as she's witnessed crowds sing along to the lyrics that she originally wrote on a piece of paper in her own bedroom. cassidy-king Cassidy strives to continue making music that people can relate to. She is the definition both of a dreamer and an achiever. She's found her calling in life, and wishes to help people feel like they are not alone no matter what they may be going through. She says that the recognition she has received so far is unbelievable.. and believe us.. exposure of Cassidy's music has JUST begun. There is no limit to what she can accomplish as long as she stays committed to her own personal goals.