Twitter: @CaseBarge @Weswill216 @JaneaJayy We're proud over here at ImFromCleveland to bring you a brand new exclusive song! Case Barges new single "You&I" is a modern day rhythmic soul mixed with rap record that is broken down to its bare essentials of an instrumental to allow not only Barges voice to shine through, but also the two featured, Weswill and Jenea. Barge starts off the Willgotflame produced song to set the overall tone. Next Weswill comes in to offer a switch up with his harmonized singing style which Barge enacts the same style after Wes's part. Jenea keeps a simplistic approach with her feature allowing the timbre of her voice to take the for front. All three are cohesive with each other ad its great to see how each artist brings their own style/ flair to the song. "You&I" is the first single to release from Barges upcoming project "M I N D." We do not have an exact release date as of yet, but be on the look out for that. Also be sure to follow Case Barge on Spotify to stay up to date with him. Let us know your thoughts!