Twitter: @BossLucci Presented by the Good Guys (DJ Steph Floss and Meel) With a style and delivery that he can undoubtedly claim as his own, Boss Lucci is sure to make his presence felt on his new Everything Lucci EP. Effortlessly throwing goofy punchlines about everything from Tri-C professors to drinking champagne with local chickenheads, Lucci uses 8 tracks to showcase his raw talent when it comes to laying rhymes on hard beats. Boss Lucci also reaches out to a pair of local legends in Tae 4rm Da 50 and Caine for some lyrical assistance. The buzzing MC who fuses elements of mid 2000's "Cap Rap" and East coast boom-bap style is sure to generate a lot of attention in the next few months, so stay tuned and listen to Everything Lucci right here on! Write-up by Jordan Smith