Twitter: @ThatsBooby This soulful track by Booby called "She Said" really has me vibing out. Booby blends two respected genres of music together. (Hip Hop & Jazz) I can close my eyes and visualize myself in a jazz club hearing this track snapping my fingers along to the beat... Booby varies his flow from a slow harmonized pace to a more rapid fire pace which really keeps this track interesting. I also I like a lot of the clever punchlines he uses such as "My teams running the game! Yeah that's a relay." Just one of many. I get a strong influence from Kendrick with Boobys delivery and the similar harmonies they both use. All around for this being the first track I have heard from Booby I'm definitely impressed and interested to hear more. Write up: @BobbyBooshay216

Soundcloud Link: Booby - She Said

NicX Sun

Click the image above to listen to NicX's new track titled "The Sun" featuring 6LACK.