I’m From Cleveland has compiled a list of 50 very dope videos released in 2017 by Cleveland rappers and singers. In an effort to shine light on as many artists as possible while putting this list together, no artist is included more than once! *There is no particular order to this list! Enjoy!

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Ezri - Be Right Back (Video)

Ezri’s visual for "Be Right Back" was his first release after signing with Nas‘ record label Mass Appeal is finally here. It captures a super dope POV of the young artist’s ventures which varies from his family life hanging with his friends. Ezri has had relationships with artists like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole for years now, and he showcases that in texts messages on his phone.


Chxpo's visual for "BVNDGXD" is currently nearing 800,000 views on YouTube. This song is so popular, there's video of Lil Peep rapping along to the words. Watch the Cole Bennett directed video above!

Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha - Home

Machine Gun Kelly‘s song with X Ambassadors and Bebe Rexha climbed the iTunes charts soon after it was released. Within 2 weeks it had over 40 million streams. The song comes from the soundtrack to the Netflix original film Bright, which is filled with powerful industry leaders from front to end. Check out the video above and let us know what you think!!

Q Money - Work

Q Money's career really took off when his song "Work" was released. His popular self-titled dance also became a sensation. There are videos of Meek Mill blasting the song in the studio, Ravens players dancing to it, Tony Romo doing the dance, and lots more that show how popular the track has actually became.

Lil Bizzy - Bizzy's In The House

What’s the best way to continue spreading Cleveland’s hip-hop culture in an organic way? Sample the most legendary group to ever come out of the city! Lil Bizzy, son of Bone Thugsmember Bizzy Bone, releases a new visual spitting bars with the same flow his father famously delivers. “Cleveland’s definitely in the house!”

Doe Boy - Sneak Dissin

SceneAmatix & J. Taylor link up together to bring Doe Boy's visual for “Sneak Dissin” to life. The dark vibes make it feel like you’re watching a horror film. Not to mention the 808 Mafia produced instrumental gives off the same feel!

Trenchboy Brickzz ft. DollaDay, BaeBaeSavo, & Chaos – Enemies

Trenchboy Brickzz teamed up with DollaDay, BaeBaeSavo, & Chaos for this catchy hood anthem titled "Enemies." This song ended up making the cut on The Cosign 6 mixtape.

Ripp Flamez - Ain't No Luck

Ripp Flamez released a lot of music videos in 2017, which made it difficult to choose only one. "Ain't No Luck" is a Mitch Mula produced record which originally was featured on Project Melodies 2. This song was undoubtedly one of the most popular songs on that tape!

Michael Luis - Fake To The Face

Michael Luis' delivers some really clever lines in his song “Fake To The Face. He takes viewers downtown Cleveland for the visuals, captured and edited by @stevencriminal.

Keezy - Fall Back

Keezy cleverly imitates Jordan Peele's highly successful movie "Get Out" in his music video for "Fall Back." The song comes from his project titled Rain Man. THIS IS SICK!!

Bone Thugs ft. Tank – If Heaven Had A Cellphone

Bizzy Bone & Krayze Bone put out an entire collaborative project this year. The single "If Heaven Had A Cell Phone" got the visual treatment, and the song also features Tank.

Nahzzy & Legend - Energy

Nahzzy and Legend team up in their latest drop titled “Energy.” Shot by Josh Tep, and produced by P The Artist, this catchy new tune will pierce your ears and stay in your head as long as you let it. The video looks like it was shot in a studio, which in my eyes, adds an organic feel to the video.

Rootabang - Money Long

Rootabang's song "Money Long" got so popular it ended up BET Jams recently. The video is sitting over 250k views!

Gwap Gwalla - Real vs Fake

If you consider yourself real, you’ll relate to Cleveland’s Gwap Gwalla. His track “Real vs Fake” is as catchy as they come. He delivers a Coach K visual to match it, and we recommend you give it a watch above.

Lorine Chia - Feeling Groovy

Lorine Chia outlines her path to fame in this new Chaz Bottoms animated video. Chia’s team describes the video as one that “takes fans on Lorine’s journey to Hollywood. On the way to her dream land viewers can see the hardships Chia and her band faces to get to their destination. From cattle in the way to running out of money for gas, Chia shows that she and her team are determined to conquer every obstacle that comes in the way.” For newcomers, “Feeling Groovy” was featured on Lorine Chia’s latest project titled “Introduction To Sweet Noise.”

King Chip - STO

King Chip only released a few music videos this year. "STO" is a song that showcases his lyrical ability. It's 2017, there's no way you're still sleeping on the king! There is a "home video" vibe to this one as Chip and his son Cash are seen doing everyday activities. "This that come back from a 3-1 no backing down.."

Fly Tye - Big Woa

Fly Tye‘s lead single “Big Woa” from his new EP, which is titled the same, has officially gotten the visual treatment. This Friday parody is definitely one of my favorite videos I’ve seen in awhile, as Fly Tye goes all out to replicate Big Worm trappin’ out the ice cream truck.

Pooh Gutta ft. Doe Boy & A-Rod - My Gang

Pooh Gutta's visual "My Gang" takes viewers to the streets of Cleveland. The whole hood came out for this one! The song also features Cleveland rappers Doe Boy & A-Rod.

Big 40 & TreDoeDaHitta - Motivation

Cleveland rapper Big 40 received a genuine cosign by Q Money in an I'm From Cleveland interview. The rapper's single "Motivation" can be found on all music streaming services. The visual includes a feature from TreDoeDaHitta, who is not heard on the original track. Big 40's melodically-driven bars are sure to be stuck in your head after giving a listen.

PB Tropp – Mobb Wives

PB Tropp dropped off his womanizing video just in time for cuffing season titled "Mobb Wives." Shot by Juddy Remix Dem, Tropp‘s enticing auto-tune is bound to suck the ladies in and give the fellas something to sing to them.

Earl St. Clair ft. PJ - Ain't Got It Like That

Earl St. Clair linked up with PJ for his song and visual to "Ain't Got It Like That." There's a dope mix of real footage and animations throughout. The video is as impressive as the song. Earl also performed this on The Late Late Show w/ James Corden.

Bellaire Ro$eff - Play Money

Bellaire Roseff made some SERIOUS noise in the city when his song "Play Money" was released. The song made The Cosign 6 tape, and you can catch the visual to accompany the track above!

Curly Chuck ft. Bellaire Roseff – Trick or Treat

Curly Chuck and Bellaire Roseff linked up for a song called "Trick or Treat." Appropriately, the visual was released in October right before Halloween. DON'T SKIP OVER THIS ONE!

Ray Jr. – Showcase / Showroom

Ray Jr. wastes no time, and delivers a two-for-one with this visual. "Suitcase" was featured on Lyrics Playlist, while "Showroom" was released out of the blue and doesn't appear to be on a project as of now.

2Twinz – Slow Feet

This rap group out of Lorain has been making some noise in their city and they’re looking to take it to the next level. 2Twinz is made up of 6 members, and the newest release is titled “Slow Feet.” As always, Ced Lynch did this thing on the visual side.

Lil Cray - Indicted

After Cleveland rapper, Lil Cray, recorded part of his video in the courtroom, it caught the attention of the internet with headlines all over on places like XXL. “Indicted” is one of the catchiest songs this young artist ever released. Unfortunately, Cray is currently doing time … which has stunted some efforts at pushing his career forward.

55Bagz – Kitchen

55Bagz' video for "Kitchen" is nearing 150,000 views on YouTube. It comes from the artist's full length 2017 project Bond Money. "Praying they let Drama out, but I just know they won't."

Nuke Franklin ft. Tae Miles & Nathaniel Lee – Right Now

@friskogallo holds down the visuals on Nuke Franklin's song "Right Now." Tae Miles kills his verse and offers vocals on the hook. Cleveland's Nathaniel Lee also contributes to the track!

Shuicide Holla – Pretty Gurl

Shuicide Holla is spreading positive vibes in his video for "Pretty Gurls."He got the youth involved with this one, which is always dope. The video is filmed around Cleveland, with shots in front of the Rock N Roll Hall Of fame & other notable spots.

LVfromCLE - Right Here

LVfromCLE's love ballad "Right Here" is accompanied by a dope SceneAmatix visual that shows the artist treating a woman exactly how men should. The video is directed well, and it definitely portrays the song's message clearly.

Goldie Da Goat – No Love

Lost Tribe member Goldie Da Goat is solo in this song and visual titled “No Love.” The @JuddyRemixDem directed video includes some dope transitions and effects. The purple tint is no mistake, and it provides a universal vibe throughout. Show your friends this one so you can earn some cool points!

In Real Life – Eyes Closed

Cleveland artist Michael Conor won ABC's Boy Band reality show. As the result, he is a member of In Real Life, alongside the other four winners of the competition. It didn't take long for their first music video "Eyes Closed" to exceed 1 million views on YouTube. Michael sets himself apart from the group by being the only one who raps!

Youngg Kobe ft. Congrez – Snakes

Youngg Kobe's Justin Taylor directed video was shot in a super dope location. "Close friends turn fake." That's the message here, with a clear warning that he and Congrez deliver; warning others to watch their back at all times.

Kipp Stone – Vacation

“I was born on December 12th.. and its still fuck the 12!!” The Cleveland emcee has put out a new visual for his song titled “Vacation.” He always delivers music with a meaning behind it. In this video, he just can't get his woman to believe that “Kippa man is a fisha man!” Blokhead Johnny produced the joint that appeared on Kipp's debut album Dirty Face Angel.

Ben West - Remember

In a video shot and directed by Believe, watch as a nostalgic Ben West drunkenly stumbles through the city, desperately searching for his path back to sanity. This smooth and melancholy ballad will have you reminiscing and bobbing your head all in one blink. Can you relate?

Choppa Lu - Shit Talking

This beat is too sick. Choppa Lu offers a signature flow on "Talking shit," riding the beat flawlessly. This artist has a "swag" factor other artists aren't touching, and it all comes from the delivery of his raps.

No Soda Cxka – OG Told Me

"OG Told Me" is fueled by production from @216Fame that gives the record that feeling of an anthem. Add @Josh_Tep's video direction to No Soda Cxka's 2017 banger, and it all comes together for a dope short film.

Freshie - Dead Wrong

Freshie is a very passionate artist, who has put in years of development into his craft. His new Rich Productions directed and shot visual titled "Dead Wrong" gives new listeners an idea of what his Cleveland emcee is about. The song lasts just under 2 minutes, and therefore it definitely leaves you wanting more.

TKO - Boulevard

Boulevard” is a track that comes from TKO‘s latest full-length project Nightmare. The visual's vintage touch matches the old-school production perfectly, which. The video is full of “flexin’ down the Boulevard,” as he’s seen ridin’ around the city in a few different crazy whips.

Basheer Jones ft. Ripp Flamez – Hands Up

“Do they really understand us? Then tell me why I’m livin’ with my Hands Up.” Basheer Jones is always shining light on real life issues. He teamed up with Ripp Flamez to shoot the video for this song that they dropped last year. It’s sad how relevant it was at the time they released it, and how it still is today.

Alex Angelo ft. Alexis Adrian - Run It Back

Okay.. so Alex Angelo decided to throw a major curveball at us in his newest song & visual for “Run It Back.” Ian Moore captures the summer party, which looks like it was a ton of fun to be apart of! I got thrown off as soon as I heard Alex singing in Spanish. However, I was unbelievably impressed with his execution of the song. He recruits fellow Clevelander Alexis Adrian who also contributes to the track. VIBES!!!!

Blackie Montana – My City

Cleveland rapper Blackie Montana continued to build buzz during 2017. This record for "My City" is delivered with heavy autotune, as Blackie and his crew hit the streets late at night.

Logan Paul ft. Jake Paul - The Rise of the Pauls

Westlake, Ohio brothers, Jake Paul and Logan Paul, rose to fame during the Vine revolution. These Internet famous kids (ages 20 & 22) have over 26 million followers on Instagram combined. Their content is mostly comedic, so their approach is much different than most of the other artists included on this list. They didn't start making music until 2017, but video they put out receives millions - sometimes tens or hundreds of millions of views. We can really only accept this for what it is. At the end of the day, these two brothers are a hot topic and they continuously rep Ohio. Watch "The Rise of the Pauls" above.


This Jxsh visual is the definition of creative, and the song is just as appealing. Using Mac’s Photo Booth, Loverboy performs “LIPSTICK” in his bedroom and it couldn’t look more natural. With 10k views in the first month of its release, Jxsh doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere any time soon!

Ghacha - How I Feel

Ghacha's video for "How I Feel" is full of scenes you'd see in a horror film. Caution tape, blood, and other props appear throughout, as Ghacha spits lyrics about the everyday struggle.

Slim Slater – Love No More

Slim Slater's visual for "Love No More" is currently sitting over 150,000 plays. Youtuber B Lou shared the song with his fans, resulting in a large increase in views over a short period of time. This is some classic Slim Slater music produced by OddTaj.

Tae Wall ft. Mac $pitt – Truly Are

"Truly Are" is a VERY catchy track that made it's way onto the 2017 Cosign tape. The record gives off summer vibes, and the Marc Moore Jr directed video showcases reflects that by showcasing good weather and fun.

Foreign Jay – Fool Ya

Foreign Jay rents out a hotel with his homies for the visuals to his song "Fool Ya." The autotune raps blend well with this laid-back song and production, which has a tune synonymous to a love ballad.

Preme Dibiasi – I Am The Plug

Look no further for the plug. Preme Dibiasi takes viewers to the heart of Cleveland's hometown, as they flex their money and whips in his latest visual. Check out "I Am The Plug" above.

Guttaman ft. Dame B – Run Up A Knot

Cleveland's own Guttaman and Dame B linked up for a track that was heard being played in all of the Cleveland clubs. It's only right they gave this song the visual treatment. Watch "Run Up A Knot" above.