Twitter: @benjamin_bill Out of all the songs and videos Benjamin Bill has ever released this one is his most meaningful and heartfelt... 'Gender Reveal" is Benjamin's newest video to date. In the video it shows him and his wife awaiting the birth and gender reveal of their first child. The song creates the perfect mood for the video with Benjamin expressing his pure excitement to become a father. Halfway through the video it switches to footage Benjamin took on his phone of the gender reveal party. Ben and his wife are surrounded by their friends and family. This part of the video has a vintage VHS home movie feel to it and really allows for the viewer to connect with Benjamin. The rest of the video shows him and his wife with their daughter looking as happy as could be. Kiid Planet, who shot and directed the video, did an amazing job of capturing this special moment! Benjamin posted this video on Facebook which gained a lot of attention and did very well.