Twitter: @youngbenwest Cleveland's Ben West has released a new full-length project titled Warmest Winter. Before I even began listening, I had to dissect the cover art. As a listener, you know what you're getting into by seeing the image of a person being stabbed in the back multiple times. In these 12 new tracks you'll hear Ben West's signature sound. It's best to take it in while you're under the influence of some kind. Overall, the pretty slow and spacey production on each track meshes with Ben's mumbly & harmonic rap vocals. My favorite is "Bentlyville Interlude." Personally, I find the track very sonically appealing. It's a very sad song that depicts Ben attempting to get the attention of a girl, but he seemingly fails, which in the end makes for a depressing ending where the beat changes completely. I'm not sure whether Ben is talking about the same girl in these songs. In "Got It Girl," the roles have switched up. The girl continuously shows off how little of confidence she has in herself. Although he compliments her, it seems nothing changes about her attitude. Overall, I loved this project. Give it a listen and comment your thoughts in the comments below!

Author: John Stursa