Before & After - DJ Steph Floss from PhotosByRome on Vimeo.

“Before & After is a series specifically dedicated to the Before & After activities of an up & coming artist before hitting the stage to perform and directly after. In these episodes you will receive insight revolving around the artist’s performance preparation, a peek inside some candid moments and a brief interview between LowKey and the artist. The interesting twist to this series: no performance footage. In the fourth installment to “Before & After”, we follow the Cleveland Cavilers’ DJ Steph Floss during his FIRST ever DJ competition at The Flavor Battle in NYC at Club Arena hosted by Fabolous & powered and presented by Complex, Verizon and McDonalds. Floss’ journey to becoming The Prince of Cleveland was no easy task, but with patience, persistence and practice Steph is on the right path. Win or lose, DJ Steph Floss is already a true champion. ENJOY!” Via YouHeardThatNew