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How was 2009? The release of your first album and touring must have been highlights? – Looking back at 2009 is just really overwhelming for me, the fans have carried me so far and I’m just so enlightened by all the love I’ve received thus far. The highlight is traveling and meeting all these beautiful young people who feel how I feel. I speak their language. You worked at BAPE STORE* New York before. How did that come about, why did you want to work there? – I was always a fan of the brand but it just wasn’t something I could afford back then. I remember working there my first couple weeks in the same uniform cause I didn’t own anything prior to being hired. So it was a dream come true to be able to work at the store I dream of shopping in one day. Over a couple years I might have applied at the store 3 or 4 times before the last attempt that got me hired. I fell in love with BAPE* because of their color selection and artwork. I love the style of their cartoons How did you first get to know about BAPE*? – I discovered what BAPE* was when I moved to NY, the store opened up shortly after I moved from Cleveland. Do you have any interesting stories about your time there? – I remember Kanye coming in one time and I was helping him get a couple things. I forgot to take a sensor off of one of the jackets he bought and I had to run out the store to catch him before he left. Pretty funny me chasing after him in soho haha. What do you think of BAPE* at the moment? – I think BAPE* is taking things to amazing new level, I love the new design and artwork. They stay true to classic BAPE* style but including new and creative twists here and there. I love what they’ve done with my MILO character. Do you have any styling rules when you dress? – I def stick to what works for me. I like to be comfortable, I have a ridiculous amount of t-shirts, some vintage but mostly BAPE*. I wear the same jeans everyday a couple months at a time. I have a uniform haha. Please tell us your plans for 2010. – I’m working on my new album now, “Cudder and The Revolution of Evolution” which is due out this summer. I have a HBO show I have a supporting role in called “How to Make it in America” airing now. I want to do a couple movies this summer and some touring. I like staying busy. It’s not work, it’s fun.