Twitter: @BankieiZ Well Bankie iZ never ceases to disappoint with each project he releases... The Fall EP is the newest collections of sounds from Bankie. To start off he has some truly amazing production on here thanks to Willygotflame, Givtyd, and Clockwork who help push Bankie to new creative boundaries! The features on this project include Ben West, Shawn K, Ray Jr., and Ripp Flamez, some very prominent names in the Cleveland scene. Bankie really becomes one with each song allowing the listeners to really get a glimpse of who he is as a person. The Coast Recordings (willygotflame & Adi Rei) & Clockwork really did a nice job on the engineering side of this project. Listen below and be on the look out for another project from Bankie titled "Sour Flower." Author: Bobby Booshay bifc