Twitter: @BankieiZ I'm actually mad at myself for taking so long to post this. I've listened to Bankie iZ's new project, Little Boy In A Glass Jar, three times now. It's by far my favorite project that's out right now. I can appreciate all of the work that was put into it. While Sarah Skinner is the only feature actually noted on the tracklist, there were plenty others who contributed: Wes Will, B Dot Jones, Nathaniel Lee, Rodney Lester, & Yanna I'Vonne. Very solid production backs up Bankie, as Givtyd, WillGotFlame, Believe, Will C, Josh White, Save, & Mattthw all contribute. This isn't a sound you're hearing anywhere else. Bankie continues to pave the way for creatives in the city. My personal favorite track is "Pressure."

Author: John Stursa