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Young Shank is managing a new music group called B.O.E Gang, taking his younger brothers away from the life of crime and turning it into something positive way to release their stress. Von, who is mentioned in their song, died in a tragic death a little over a year ago. Young Shank quotes, "I rather them make music than break in houses and shoot up neighborhoods because that'll only lead them lil niggas to one or two places; death or in jail." Rell, who is in the gang as well, is serving a 5 years sentence for robbery. FREE RELL!! Pooh Gutta took a liking to the group as soon as he met them and wanted to work with them. They will also be signing to Legit Paper Ent this winter.
von swagger Watch Von Swagger's new video "Let Me See That" featuring Sn00py Symone and Black Supafly by clicking the image above!