In full preparation for Halloween we got you covered on a brand new exclusive from Adi Rei. Titled "The Nvasion" this is the newest piece to be added to Adi's growing catalogue and he correct as always with this. This project features a plethora of artists such as PressPlay Mj, Curly Chuck, LoLifeLane, Virg, Yung Heir, 55 Bagz, Stoney Lonzell, Josh White & Freshie. Each a heavy hitter that brings their own flare and vibe to each track.
Not only did Adi bring together some great features but he also payed close attention to the producers he chose to work with as well. Adi produced 2 out of the 10 tracks on the project while also having production from Drummer Los, Tuger, willgotflame, VinceNineSeven, Stoney Lonzell, Tezo, Christophr, Mattthw, & JJGolden.
Give the entire project a listen below and let us know what you think..!

  1. Welcome to the Nvasion
  2. GOAT(s) feat. PressPlayMJ & Curly Chuck (prod Drummer Los)
  3. Tourist feat. LoLifeLane (prod Adi Rei)
  4. Break the Bank feat. Virg (prod Adi Rei)
  5. Lay Low feat. Yung Heir (prod Tuger x VinceNineSeven)
  6. Strange feat. 55Bagz & Curly Chuck (prod Stoney Lonzell)
  7. NoWayJose feat. Stoney Lonzell (prod Stoney Lonzell)
  8. Act Out feat. PressPlayMJ (prod Drummer Los x Tezo)
  9. Understand Me feat. Josh White (prod christophr)
  10. Side of Town feat. Freshie (prod mattthw x jjgolden)