Twitter: @adireicreates "Life Is Grand" is the debut full length release from Adi Rei. Leading up to it's release Adi released a few singles from the project including "Can't Have It" (ft. Curly Chuck & Freshie), "Lie 2 Me" (ft. 55Bagz), and "New Pants." With any of the music Adi has released before he always has some songs that have a real personal touch to them which this project has quite a few along with a handful of bangers too! Adi also has his hand on the production of a few songs along with production from Willygotflame, 100BandXan, RioTheMechanic, and a good portion from Will C. of Lumeire. Stream the project below and also stream on Apple Music/ purchase on iTunes (linked below).

Adi Rei - Life Is Grand (Apple Music)

Author: Bobby Booshay