Twitter: @55bagz, , Write up via Animal House

The final sneak peek into DJ TopGun's debut project has arrived! Although this is the last single we'll get until the release of "RAGE", it means that TopGun is ready to share it with the world. After dropping off three tracks featuring CHXPO, Ron$oCold, ATM and more, TopGun took things back to Cleveland and linked up with CMG's 55Bagz and $porty Red. Bagz has been on a hot streak lately, dropping off three tracks in the past week and $porty, who's usually known for producing for some of the dopest cuts around, hops in front of the mic similar to last month's "Konnect". This time, with the help of GFMW, we get the new exclusive, "Life's A Movie". If you know $porty and Bagz, then you know theyre typically off the drugs, but throughout the new track, the two trade verses and make them sound better than before. Check it out.