Socials: Instagram | Twitter I’m From Cleveland is proud to exclusively release this brand new full-length project by Lorain rap group 2Twin. It’s made of 6 members that are all between the ages of 19-22. Their name originates from the hood they rep, and the fact that they grew up together and consider each other brothers. represents the neighborhood they grew up in 22nd St. and Beach Avenue, one of the city’s most crime and drug infested areas.” These young men hope to be a voice of inspiration for others after experiencing their own life struggles, and their motivation comes from each other as they build something special together. Although their new project doesn’t include any features, they’ve worked with some notable Cleveland rappers leading up to its release. That includes Ray Jr., Lil Cray, and others. These 18 tracks are sure to hold off fans for awhile until their future releases are available to the public. Tracklist can be found below the link! Presented by The Consortium Entertainment.

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