One of Ohio's own rising producers, Rami Beatz. Currently working with other Ohio natives Rami is working to add names to his resume. Already producing for both Chip Tha Ripper, and Kid Cudi, Rami is pursuing production placement with Big Sean of G.O.O.D music. For those not familiar with Rami's work, Rami is half of the creativity behind "Ask About Me", the Chip Tha Ripper, and Kid Cudi track. Not to mention Rami has worked on plenty of other songs with Chip. Continue reading to find out what Rami is up to next. What's going on Rami, how's life? Rami Beatz: Life is great can't complain! Where are you from, and how long have you been producing? Rami Beatz: I've been producing for about five years now, and I grew up in Lakewood, Ohio. How did you originally get into making beats? Any musical influences? Rami Beatz: I'm the youngest of four brothers. so my brothers used to play a lot of different music around me. It was mostly hip hop, I grew up listening to Bone Thugs, 2pac, Biggie, Mobb Deep, Az, Nas, Jay-z, but when Timbaland came on the scene on the production side, hearing his music made me want to make beats. His music, and drum patters are craaazy. In 3 words describe your style? Rami Beatz: Fuckin' awe-some. Some of your first placement was with Chip Tha Ripper, how did you connect with him? Rami Beatz: I met chip after "Bitch I'm from Cleveland" came out through DJ-ev, I went to high school with Ev. I recorded chips "money" mixtape. Chip influenced me to really make beats, I remember hearing the tracks from "Bitch I'm from Cleveland", and thinking wow this dude has a real special talent I have to make tracks for him! He knew me when I was just started out, we grew a lot musically since then. You, and Dez are behind Chip, and Kid Cudi's "Ask About Me", how did that song come together? Rami Beatz: Dez came over one day, and I had this new keyboard at the time called the Korg M3 it was a pretty sweet keyboard. He got on the keyboard, and played the chords of the song and added this crazy ass woodpecker sounding sound, at first I didn't know what he was doing but, then it made sense at the end. Dez always got some crazy ideas... I added my part to the track, and I just let it sit in the keyboard for a couple days, then finally saved it. We made the beat in like 15 minutes, I was actually not even going to save it originally. Thank God I did though! Are you currently working with other artists? What can we expect next? Rami Beatz: Pretty much just working on Chips new mixtape which we will drop sometime this year. Besides Chip... Big Duke and, myself made some tracks that Big Sean of G.O.O.D. music is supposed to get on. Appreciate the interview Rami, let the people know how they can contact you? Thanks for the interview! You can reach me on Via 216thetakeover