Hailing from Akron, Ohio, Da Kennel is determined to put their city on map. As a nine-man collective compiled of 6 rappers, and 3 in house producers, they have the breeding ground for something real, and worth the listen. Bringing the heat with their scorching lyrics and tracks, the group offer up a pool of talented individuals all focused on the progression of one sound. Already drawing comparisons to other all male collectives like the St. Lunatics, Wu Tang, and Slaughterhouse, Da Kennel looks forward to setting themselves a part and showcasing their talent. With their new single “Model” steadily climbing the charts, they are a hometown team to watch. We recently sat down with them to discuss their single, and their movement.

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216thetakeover.com: How did the single “Model” come about? Da Kennel: We came up with the concept of "Model" just off of trying to put females on a higher pedestal. Everybody already had the typical *Bad B*tch* songs so we wanted to be different because in our eyes, ANY WOMAN can be a model, it's all in how she carries herself 216thetakeover.com: The single is defiantly climbing the charts at a steady pace. Did you all plan for it to go like this? Da Kennel: With any other record that comes out you want it to go, and be a home-run. Model was just that song that we all believed in. We didn’t have a big time producer on it or anything. It was just the way for us to go, and seeing the numbers it was definitely a good choice. 216thetakeover.com: You recently rocked the Z107.9 Cleveland Summer Jam, how does it feel to perform in front of the home team? Da Kennel: It felt great to finally show our "home" what the hype about us & our movement is really about. Just to be up there on that stage & looking out at what seemed like a sea of people was...Man, the feeling was indescribable, the energy was CRAZY & the Support was Bananas! Summer Jam was Definitely a Good Look for us. Really looking forward to next year!! 216thetakeover.com: You all are going to be responsible for a lot of women self proclaiming themselves as models but, what does it take for a woman to be considered a Kennel Model? Da Kennel: (Laughing) Well, to be a "Kennel Model" you need to have a certain "aura" about you, like people are mysteriously drawn to you. Most of all inner beauty (that’s what really makes you beautiful), Confidence, Sophistication & a "hood" swag that can be turned on, and off when needed. 216thetakeover.com: What the next single or leaks to come from Da Kennel? What can we definitely look forward too? Da Kennel: We have a few records that we're testing out here at home just to see what type of response they get. Right now it's a toss up between two records, "Fight Music" which depicts our "usual" club experiences and is a intense, high impact/energy record. Then we have "Dats What I Do" which is more of a clubby, bouncy Record that has the "repetitive" single type of hook. As Far as leaks, you'll just have to wait and, see because if I tell you then it wouldn't be a leak! (Laughing) AAYYYEEEE!! KENNEL UP!!! Via 216thetakeover