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216thetakeover.com: Now that people are familiar with your music, what do you want them to know about Britni Elise? Britni Elise: I NEED people to understand that I sing, and perform to change people’s lives. Everything I write is from the heart and I want people to confide in my songs. I’m also a sweetheart (laughing). 216thetakeover.com: What was life like being a child who was involved in music? Britni Elise: As a child I was forever singing “something”. Whether it be a “Whitney Houston” song or “Mariah”, I was ALWAYS singing. It was something I wanted to do, I was never forced into singing lessons or to rehearse; I just did. Instead of watching TV, I was in the mirror singing and my parents supported that one hundred percent. 216thetakeover.com: What is your favorite song on your album? Britni Elise: I am currently recording the album. I haven’t decided on the title just yet but I have a few HOT ideas! Out of songs I’ve recorded “Satisfied” remains my all time favorite to date. I was in very “bubbly” place when I wrote this record! It brings light into my life every time I hear and perform it. 216thetakeover.com: The music scene is so competitive, what advice do you have for upcoming artist? Britni Elise: My advice is simple. Persistence is key! I believe you always have to be prepared because you never know when your opportunity will come! 216thetakeover.com: Which do you favor more performing or recording? Britni Elise: Wow, it’s very hard to choose between the two. I have to say performing. They both are like therapy for me but I can bring a record to life on stage. I can become something else; Giselle to be specific (My alter ego). I have the chance to vent anger, happiness, love, intensity and sexuality. It definitely keeps me sane. 216thetakeover.com: How do you prepare yourself when writing a record? Britni Elise: When I’m writing a record for myself, or another artist I make sure my recorder, pen, and paper are near. That is all I need. Depending on where I am I like to be alone to concentrate, unless I have a vibe with someone in the studio. 216thetakeover.com: How does it feel to take a role in bringing Cleveland”s reputation up to par with other successful musical cities? Britni Elise: It’s very honorable. I’m humbled to know people look at me as a role model and someone who can put a stamp on this great city! 216thetakeover.com: What do you feel are the steps become associated with industry standard? Britni Elise: Artist Development!!! Artist Development that includes vocal, and media training, body conditioning, and performance conditioning. 216thetakeover.com: What is your favorite quote? Britni Elise: My father use to make repeat this: “Success is when preparation meets opportunity”. I hated saying it over, and over but this is very true. You have to be prepared in whatever you do. Be READY. Also, believe in yourself. Confidence usually comes easiest when you are prepared. 216thetakeover.com: Many singers do not indulge in the mixtape scene what was the inspiration for your B.E. Satisfied mixtape with mick boogie? Britni Elise: Many of my fans have supported me since my first single “Satisfied“, which came out almost a year ago. I wanted to give my supporters something from the heart, and something hot to listen to while I continue to record my album! 216thetakeover.com: Before you go are there any new events or upcoming projects you would like the fans to look out for? Britni Elise: I am so excited to announce my first college tour, the official kick off was October 1st in St. Augustine Raleigh/Durham! I will be hitting many historical colleges sharing my music with peers and introducing my NEW single “HELLO” I can’t wait!