Twitter: @16yroid, @dsavage3900, @CHXPO

Below write-up via Lyrical Lemonade

16yrold is not only one of rap’s most creative and trendsetting producers right now, but he’s also a master at connecting the dots and bringing together dream team collaborations, single after single. Today, the young hit machine joins together the relentless forces of D Savage and Chxpo for “Goin Brazy”, hopping on the boards along with fellow producer, Eera. For starters, hearing Savage and Chxpo on a beat together is a match made in music heaven. Each of the two know how to play off of one another both lyrically and sonically, as D Savage’s melodic yet confrontational hooks slice right through the Cleveland rapper’s raw style and eccentric charisma. Match this with some wonderful, synth-led production from 16yrold and Eera and you have an absolute hit on your hands. Just as he always does, 16yrold perfectly set up the alley-oop on this one, letting the high flyers come in on this one and finish the job with the complementary slam dunks in their extravagant fashion. With that being said, “Goin Brazy” is a well-executed release, so be sure to check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.