Weswill – Glasshouse II (Hosted by Bobby Booshay) (Mixtape)


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Weswill releases a project that was heavily influenced by the legendary Cleveland rap group Bone Thugs N Harmony. Hosted by our own Bobby Booshay, this project is a perfect soundtrack to anybody’s life as you chase whatever dream you may have while also facing the same trials and tribulations.

As a very motivated Weswill spills his heart throughout Glasshouse II, a sense of nostalgia creeps through the listener as the Cleveland rapper uses the Bone Thugs’ rapid and melodic flow to tell his story; a story of overcoming doubt and discouragement. With this mixtape, he hopes to prove to his mother that his hard work will pay off after a long hiatus from making music. “8AM” serves as our wake up call as the up and coming rapper/singer continues to astound the listener throughout this project with breathtaking church choir melodies, swift and witty lyrics, and best of all, a story we all can relate to. Hats off to Weswill; this mixtape truly is one to remember.

Bobby Booshay had this to say about the fourteen-track playlist: “I don’t put my name on just anything unless it’s something I truly believe in and care about! Hit that link and give a listen”.  Some fans are even describing Glasshouse II as “an instant classic” and “🔥🔥🔥.” Can you agree? Listen for yourself and let IFC and Weswill know what you think.

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