Album Title: Cudder and The Revolution of Evolution


  During his show in Milwaukee Kid Cudi took some time to announce the new title for his upcoming album. You can check out the video above (first 20 seconds). Originally called “Cudder” he declares that it’s been changed to “Cudder and the Revolution of Evolution”. It’s the first time hes spoken about the name change so I’m not sure …

Kid Cudi Signs a Fans Portait in Milwaukee


  Playing a show in Millwuake (or Illwuakee as Kaslow claims) it looks like 2 inspired fans worked hard to show Kid Cudi the hard work that was put into a 24×36 portrait of him. Watch the video above and hit the break for some pictures.

Kid Cudi & Karma Loop TV


  Kid Cudi talks about his upcoming album and his favorite “greenery” of the moment. Via Karmaloop

Sean McGee – Be Alone


  This is the first leak from Sean McGee’s new mixtape with Dj E-V dropping on Valentine’s Day (February 14th). Sean McGee – Be Alone