Copy of This Week In Cleveland Hip-Hop

July & August 2017

During this time of the year we were having our servers switched, and that resulted in losing about a month’s worth of posts on the site. We have included all of the content that was originally lost below:

Machine Gun Kelly – Numb (Video)

Earl St. Clair ft. Pj – Ain’t Got It Like That (Video)

Pooh Gutta ft. Doe Boy & A-Rod – My Gang (Video)

Renati – LMPG (Video)

Big Bank Holly – Bodak Yellow (Freestyle)

Cargo XAN ft. Omari Night & Phaze Jackson – Can’t Get Over

Cassidy King x Cole Tomko – Nothing Left

Mighty McBoo ft. TRADITION – Forever…

Mic Miles – I Know

Boss Lucci – NOLA (Magnolia Freestyle)

CMCG – Wait Look

LeFreshy ft. Lo The Prince – Get Paid

Smoke Screen – Return To The Sun (Album)

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Okay Che – G.V.O

KS – Story of JT (Video)

Leek Bvandz ft. Young Cap – Who TF Said

TraplorDD Beez ft. Chxpo – Don’t Wanna Talk

B. Suave – Tell Me Again

Drake – Both (Borlini Remix)

Rico Myrz x Phaze Jackson – Sauce

Thomas Vance – CHAPWOP Freestyle (Video)

Nosiak ft. Jayy Suse – Field N*gga

B-SRVIL – Chills (Video)

Streetz Ching Ching – Infinity (Video)

Dan Miraldi – The Sweet Sound of Protest (Video)

Karlos Slimm – WhO DaT (Video)

Eliy Orcko – Signal (EP)

Masakiio – Ego (EP)

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Alex Forte – Blue Stream (EP)

Bankro$ – Stay Away

Tae Robinson – Murder He Wrote 3 (Album)

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Armond Perry – Ride 4 Me

Corry Michaels – Die To Me (EP)

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BluRivers – Pinkcocaine

Ray Wright – Rap No More (Video)


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