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Check out our submission requirements below. If you don’t include all of the information we ask for, we will NOT check it out. *Send all submissions for the website to!*


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  • Song Title
  • Producer Info
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    • Twitter & IG
  • Link to Song (Soundcloud, Audiomack, etc)
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  • Attach High Quality Artwork*
  • Extra Information: This benefits YOU. If you have a new project releasing soon, or anything else you might want in the write up let us know!


  • Artist Name
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  • Extra Information: This benefits YOU. If you have a new project releasing soon, or anything else you might want in the write up let us know!


  • Artist Name
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  • Attach High Quality Artwork*
  • Extra Information: This benefits YOU. If you have a new project releasing soon, or anything else you might want in the write up let us know!

How we decide what to post:

The IFC team collectively decides on what to post on the website. As a large outlet for local music we must keep the website filled with professional and high quality content. It’s as simple as this; if we believe the content is something that people should be hearing, and it is worth sharing then we will post it on the website for free. Once we post content on the site, we will offer extra promotion depending on how comfortable we are with pushing it.


  1. Rico

    New song titled Heavens feat JC Creations and B Flukez … from Cleveland Ohio
    Next project is titled from Gr3atn3ss

  2. Airjack

    I’m a up n coming Cleveland artist that just dropped a video called #MySHooters

  3. Dominique Belcher

    Hello, I am with the Ohio Hip Hop Awards. I’d like to speak with someone regarding this year’s awards festivities. Please call me at (216) 285-0678 or (216) 246-6405.

    Thank you

  4. Wesley Wood

    I know this website is generally for mixtapes and song artists, however, I am a film director from Cleveland who would like to showcase a short film of mine. I would love it if it could be posted to spread the word about it.

    Thank You.

    -Wesley Wood


  5. RIV

    I’m a Cleveland, OH artist who is interested in getting one of my videos on the site. I want to know what I have to do to get the music video on the site? The link to the video is stated above. I will also submit my music video to the email address.

  6. Dream Team

    Just dropped F.I.C.A.B Vol.1 On Oct.19th Dropping Our Debute Video Nov.17th for promotion of the F.I.C.A.B Vol.2 Release which is Nov.26th We Just getting started but we on the Take Over.
    Shauny, Snooty,Steddy, JR, Wreck “FreeLife.Ent” Harvard Ave

  7. Sn00pySymone

    NEW MUSIC ALERT CLEVELANDS OWN Sn00pySymone released a hot new single entitled #GOGETIT produced by @pyrexxzbunkin. This single is off her upcoming project #TLRC which has no release date yet. This track is a definite banger and is guaranteed to have the streets going crazy check it out hope you like what you here

  8. joe rosati

    How do I get the im from cleveland poster for my wall?

  9. Larry Chan

    My name is Larry Chan I’m back with a new song and 2nd visual off my debut project “Learning How to Drive In A Cadillac”. The name of the song is “Larry Gone Wild” Visual shot and produced by @WRLDSTRHNDRX over at Low Number Ent. My Twitter is @Larry_Chan_ and Soundcloud 10UpProductions (search) Im from Cleveland located in the heart of the city. Heres the link to my visual

  10. Teala

    Official Video Losing Myself by Teala Directed by NicX Media Group Produced by SuperStar O
    Twitter @ImSo_Teala
    Instagram @ImSo_Teala
    Facebook Teala Lewis

  11. Killarob

    I Go By The Name Killarob From Cleveland Ohio. I Rap,Produce,& Write Songs. Check Out Some Of My New Music & Hit Single Produce By Me Called ”TurntUp&YouNot” Enjoy!!!!!

  12. F.M.M.L.

    My twitter account is @fmml

    I was unable to to attach my post picture on this page so if you could respond with a email address I could sent the picture that way. Feel free to contact me with that info via email thanks.

  13. RicoTheWeirdo

    I am trying to get this track I have with Myself x Doe Boy x and Rizleigh titled “Hoes In This House” twitter—> @Fcb_Rico

  14. rhontez turner

    A few songs from my upcoming project titled “The Rabbit Got The Gun”. Check out “We ball” “Trappin24/7” “long as you know” “Self Esteem” “Land of da Free (C.L.E)” and “Fly wit Me”. Hit me @construction216 on twitter.

  15. rhontez turner

    A few songs from my upcoming project titled “The Rabbit Got The Gun”. Check out “We ball” “Trappin24/7” “long as you know” “Self Esteem” “Land of da Free (C.L.E)” and “Fly wit me”

  16. Fayaven Barbee Jr

    Faybo LeFreshy drops his latest mixtape Helium. Check out the stream below and give it a listen. He is definitely an artist with a sound worth checking out. After the stream you can download the tape exclusively on and follow him on twitter @FayboLeFreshy.

  17. Ethan Holmes

    Hello (imfromcleveland),
    My name is (Ethan Holmes) and I am submitting rising Cleveland Hip-Hop artist, Shawddy Mane for posting.
    Shawddy Mane is a 18 year old hip-hop artist gaining popularity in the Cleveland area, and is in the process of releasing his highly anticipated project “DRACULA” in 2014. The (video) I am submitting is entitled “(Andria)”.Below is the link for the (video Andria), his biography, as
    well as a few of his links.(

    Terrel Jamal Reeves, better known by his stage name Shawddy Mane, was born June 30th, 1995 in Cleveland, Ohio. Growing up he was influenced by 90‘s hip-hop artists: Tupac, Bone Thugz N Harmony, Eazy E, Notorious B.I.G, and
    Ice Cube.The Cleveland rapper admits the first time he recorded was at age 10 on a tape recorder.
    Then in 2012, released his first mixtape entitled “Kids Trying to Find U.N.I.T.Y.”, a self written and engineered
    project.Shawddy Mane’s music represents the story and thoughts of an kid going through life and chasing his
    dreams.His new mixtape entitled “DRACULA” (2014) represents a new mature sound for the Cleveland rapper. The project and artwork is self produced. With an influence by Golden Era 90s Hip Hop.
    So please get back to us as soon as possible about posting shawddy mane’s new music video entitled “(Andria)” thank you imfromcleveland.

  18. Daniel Nichols

    Does it cost to post videos and if so how much?

  19. raw inked

    Hey my name is rawinked from the westside of Cleveland I am a upcoming artist known I am currently working on my new project that would be on iTunes in a couple of weeks called The birth of rawinked I have a few smash hit like big booty ft dub-o I’m so raw and get money where u can purchase on iTunes follow me on ig @raw_inked with over 43k followers this has only been the beginning

  20. Marley

    this is marley and i been looking for you for a minute so i thought smart and google you lols hopeful you will email me

  21. Lawaun Films

    i am a music video director from cleveland and i have some dope visuals on my channel. you can click the link or contact me for visuals.. as well as subscribing to my channel

  22. Dashawn porch

    stage name: OGP IG:@thereal_ogp twitter: thereal_ogshawnp song:i gotta produce by: djhotwatta IG: @dopejockey Im not just another rapper im a artist and music is my passion but money is the motive not just a local pedestrian anymore.

  23. Phillip "Philosopher" McCombs

    What’s up everyone at IFC.

    Philosopher here. Just have a few questions.

    First being: I have a singles dropping October 7th, October 14th and an album dropping November 1st. I did not want to assume that unreleased music was to be submitted the same way as released. In your submission forms you guys ask for a link and these 3 do not have links yet. How should I go about this?

    Secondly: My company is hosting a listening party for my album “The Odyssey” at Vibe Recording Studios in Bedford Heights, OH October 28th, 9-11pm. It would be dope if someone from IFC could come cover the experience. I am off the entire day and think it would be a great idea and something different if you guys assigned someone for this special day. I am confident in this project and my company organization. I have a press release already typed up if you guys were open to something like this.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  24. Ferrari Cka

    Luv this blog as a Cleveland rap artist i am happy you guy took the time to set this platform for us thank off top 100

  25. Jasmine Renee'

    Victoria Monet will be in your city Feb, 26th!!! We would love to invite your team to the show and to meet her! She is a dropping a new album at the end of the tour, that will have your summertime vibes sounding and feeling right!!! She has worked with everyone from Dr. Dre to Wale, and even your cities very own MGK!!! Hope to hear from your team soon!


  26. Chi.3

    I am currently working on a EP,
    called Thoughts and Fiji Water. When it comes out I’ll submit thanks again for the link from the group chat.

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