Cleveland, Rollin’ Stoned (4/20 Playlist)

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Happy 4/20! We’ve compiled a list of the greatest stoner anthems of all time by Cleveland rappers and singers. Artists range from Bone Thugs, Kid Cudi, Machine Gun Kelly, King Chip, Lorine Chia, Ray Cash, Alina Baraz, Earl St. Clair, 55Bagz, Lost Tribe, Tae Miles, Fly Tye, and a lot more! The majority of these tracks are about smoking, while the rest provide the perfect vibes for today’s holiday. Roll one up, and take a listen to Cleveland, Rollin’ Stoned below!


Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Weed Song
Kid Cudi – Marijuana
King Chip – Light One Up
Machine Gun Kelly – Blaze Up
The Game ft. Wiz Khalifa & Lorine Chia – 2 Blunts
BFA BLEED – Big 50’s
Fly Tye – Sampson
Machine Gun Kelly ft. Wiz Khalifa – Mind of a Stoner
Ripp Flamez – So High
NicX – Indo
Kid Cudi ft. King Chip – Just What I Am
DubXX – Hy For Dayz
Kid Cudi ft. King Chip – Hyyer
Lil Bizzy – Then Smoke
Lorine Chia – Burn One
Earl St. Clair – Feeling Alive
Caine – She Just Wanna Smoke
Ray Cash – Smokin’ & Leanin
Machine Gun Kelly – Just What I Am (Remix)
Alina Baraz – Fantasy
King Chip ft. Asher Roth – Smoke It If You Got One
Chucky Gonzo – High
55Bagz ft. Swaghollywood – New Bag
Ben West & Bankie iZ – Blunted (J Hanna Remix)
Lost Tribe – Big 50
Young Troubled Minds ft. Leo Light – Zone
Polaris & Tatii – Slow
King Chip – Cactus
Raed. – Eucalpytus Tree
Young Troubled Minds – Rotation
Qdajuice ft. Wes Will – Babylon
Tae Miles – TheChasers.

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