Artists From Cleveland

I’m From Cleveland provides you with a list of artists from Cleveland. Those featured on this page are mostly rappers, although they may classify themselves as alternative artists. There is a ton of talent in the city, and there’s no better place to find a long list of individuals from Ohio making great music!

Please not that this page has been deleted and we are working on adding a lot more to the list!

We are always adding more artists. If you have any suggestions please email!


  1. FBH Luhikno

    Gm Hello my name is Low Luchikno Da King Bka FBH Luchikno my single as you will see…is out now in all digital stores ….. my rap grouo Founded.By .Hustlers(FBH) got our on Brand shirts hats… whole 9 and not to mention we Dope and we all just decided to go solo So now im reaching out to you guys and ready to really make this mobe to the Big leauge

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