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ImFromCleveland.com is a well-respected media outlet specializing in promoting the Cleveland hip-hop scene. It serves as a platform for the artists in the city to be heard. We have been nominated for “Best Media Outlet” in the state of Ohio at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards.

Contact: newclevelandmusic216@yahoo.com (for submissions, click here!)

In-Depth “About” Section

Below Write-up by John Stursa:

In 2008 I created a YouTube channel strictly for Cleveland artists to give them a place on the internet to promote their music. One day I received an email from E-V who happened to come across the channel, and he asked what I thought about starting a local website for music. A couple years later we had ImFromCleveland.com up and running. The site has really grown since the beginning days, and since then we reached out to some other bloggers to help maintain the workload.

If you are interested in wondering how our blog works, feel free to read the following:

We receive many emails everyday with submissions of music by artists and their managers. In order to keep ImFromCleveland as the #1 source for the BEST music in the city, we unfortunately have to turn down submissions that aren’t top notch material. The material and quality of this website is taken very seriously in an attempt to continuously advance the hip-hop culture in Cleveland. This is the place where you will be able to find EVERYTHING that is related to Cleveland and it’s music. I make sure that everyone added on the site has the same vision as I do. If you support local then your in the right place. Feel free to check out the site where you can find tons of music, videos, mixtapes, etc. We also have a page if you are interested in contacting us or submitting your material to be post. We can be found on social media.

How do we decide what to post? Does it cost to have my content posted on the site?

The IFC team collectively decides on what to post on the website. These are not decisions made by a single person. As a large outlet for local music we must keep the website filled with professional and high quality content. It’s as simple as this; if we believe the content is something that people should be hearing, and it is worth sharing then we will post it on the website for free. Once we post content on the site, we will offer extra promotion depending on how comfortable we are with pushing it. If we decide not to post content on the site, it is because we do not feel comfortable with putting the brand name behind it. We encourage people to continue sending their music because we listen to all of them, regardless of whether or not we have turned you down in the past.



  1. Nicholas Wonder

    Nicholas Wonder here. I live in Cleveland, have some deals with Goon Trax Records in Japan and a #3 hit in Japan. Been playing around Cleveland with my funk/hip hop band Vitium for a few years now.

    Would love a post featuring some of my music. All songs off my new album ‘my thesis’ can be heard on nicholaswonder.com

    I think you’ll be most interested in Alter Ego, Prescription Kids, Trippin’, Feelin Good and My Thesis.

    Where can I send you a CD or MP3’s?

    Dope site!


    Nicholas Wonder

  2. Elvis Freshly


    I’m contacting you to let you know I read your blog and liked what I saw, I also wanted to give you information about an upcoming project that you may want to post details about on your blog. Here’s the link to the first promo video for the mixtape. The mixtape artist is ESQ of Playground Bully Muzik/ Mackentyre Music he is a veteran of the Cleveland Hip-hop scene doing collaborations with well-known local acts like Bam, Doxx and Bankie Travolta. In addition to hip-hop ESQ is a U.S. Army Veteran serving 1 tour in OIF. The mixtape will be hosted by myself Elvis Freshly, I am also a U.S. Army Veteran I served 1 tour in OEF. For any more info please visit ESQ at http://www.meetesq.com or myself at my contact info below.


    Thank-you for your time,
    Elvis Freshly


  3. jaydee

    what up. ive been a follower of this site for a minute, and im wonderin’ if you got some of that new ray jr.

  4. Alan C. Duncan

    My name is Alan C. Duncan. I’m an artist in Cleveland and
    I wanted to share a new single with you that talks about our city. In literally 2 minutes and 20 seconds you can watch the vid that was filmed in our great city.

    One For Your City
    One For Your City (Double Single)

    I’d love to know your thoughts.
    It might be a good fit for your site.
    -Alan C. Duncan

  5. Tarik Adams

    What’s good Clev fam!

    Tarik Adams’ (modern pop/hip hop artist) publicist Ms. Jayme here. We’re both big fans of your site, and would love a chance to show what we’re doing. Tarik is releasing the first single from his free debut album Tigers & Girls, entitled “Wake Up” through the release of a video directed by Dylan Knight.

    http://www.youtube.com/mrtarikadams and visit his site here http://www.tarikadams.com

    Hope to gain your support!

    Jayme S.

  6. Barbara Brandt

    Hello, my name is Barbara Brandt. I would like to know does this site feature spoken word artists? If so may I may I have more information please..thank you

  7. B-Nice

    My Name Is B-Nice, A 18 Year Old Cleveland Artist, I Just Dropped A Mixtape And Wanted To Know, What Do I Have To Do To Get My Mixtape On Your Site ?
    Please Hit Me Back .

  8. Kaoru Kawashima


    I was checking out your blog and I loved the way you blog about music and culture.

    I am from TruckerDeluxe.com, which carries surf, skate, street, and urban clothing.
    We also have a bumping blog that is geared towards men’s lifestyle from fashion to media, music, sports, etc.
    We cover a broad range of topics.

    I would love to add your link to our blog roll in exchange for a link on your site.
    http://www.truckerdeluxe.com/blog/ (on the right hand site)

    Please let me know if you are interested in sharing some link love.


  9. D.Worthy

    Name: D.Worthy
    Brief Description : a 19-year-old lyricist, rapper and poet. From Cleveland Ohio.
    Content: Worthy’s Content consist of melodic and emotional Hip hop with honest and sincere lyrics over euphoric, eerie and ambient production.
    Embedded Video: D.Worthy’s Freestyle Video To Waka Flocka’s Fuck This Industry
    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Q-upTjlYas
    Facebook Page:Facebook.com/worthymusic
    Thank you for reviewing this submission.

  10. luther

    a was up bro if u get on this thing i wont u to cheak some of mmy tracks i made im good but not better than u but shit just wonna rap wit u hit me up at 330-836-0822 i would love to rap wit yall

  11. DJ King Ali

    Hey listen…I’m tryin’ to get that Ray Jr. ft. Smallz ” Sloppy ” mp3, because my record pools don’t have it. Can somebody from here inbox me the file, cause I think it’s a solid hit.

  12. Kid Swagg

    I’m a 16 year old rapper from Cleveland, Ohio just recently signed to an indie label called B.M.G Music Group…I am starting my own movement called Sky High Society and recently dropped a song from my upcoming mixtape called “Kush nd Muzik”…Go to my website check it out and if you like it I was hoping it would make the website…thanks and I would appreciate the support

  13. C-Walk

    Hi, I’m just looking for an email for me to submit music and videos to. Thank You in advance. Talk soon

  14. Chris Hall

    Hello ,

    I am Christopher Hall a young entrepreneur and manager out of Cleveland Ohio. I came across your blog and was interested. i am also a manager of a hip hop artist out of Cleveland ohio Sted Lee. I would like to share our music video with you all and if interested wanted to know could you all post in on your blog.

    Video Link : http://youtu.be/pPRK080J1cw

    Thank you for your time,

    Christopher Hall

  15. Big City Ent.

    We just hit the scene wit da newest hardest shit check us out…. youtube hustleman31

  16. Koly Kolgate

    I’m trying to get ahold of EV. I want him to host my next mixtape, but he hasn’t responded to any of my emails. I know he’s busy, but I have a dealine and since he’s my first choice I don’t want to get someone else intil I know for sure he can’t do it. If you could get this to him that would be great! Thanks!

    Koly Kolgate

  17. Malik Long

    Aye My Brother Is From Cleveland And He’s Trying To Get Out There He’s Had 4 Mixtapes 2 By Bigga Rankin And 3 By Trap-A-Holics But He’s Not Really Know In His Own City So Could You Help Out http://youtu.be/T_PcukEF3jY

  18. Alex Johnson

    My name Alex Johnson and I am cofounder of the United States of Ohio Production company. We are looking to hold an outdoor music festival in late April, 2012. It would be held in the collee town of Ashland, Ohio, conveniently located an hour between both Cleveland and Columbus. We are currently looking for acts that would be willing to perform and we believe your connections to the Cleveland area make you a great act. We would love to hear what it would take to interest you in performing. You can contact us at Unitedstatesofohioproductions@gmail.com

    Thanks again. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  19. Hollywood Hannah

    I would like to know how I can get my music on here Thanks!

  20. DruSkee

    I Have A New Song That Id Like To Have Posted On The Site But I Lost Your Email.. If Possible Can You Either Reply With Your Email Or Just Post The Link I Left In The Website Box For Me???

    Thanks And Have A Blessed Day!

  21. Eazzy Bankz

    Heres the latest video from some new talent form the westside of cleveland
    Eazzy Bankz. its very creative they actually rented a uhaul filled it up at the mall and shot a video. I think it would havea good look on this websites its already had 1000views its 1st week

  22. KFresh

    Hey my name is Keylan but I go by the name of KFresh im from cleveland im a rap artist. my 2nd mixtape drops in December called The Beginning of the Believer! And see i can get on Bitch Im From Cleveland 3 The Mixtape! so hmu on my email. KFresHarrisCLE@gmail.com

  23. No Limits


    Check out our new music video “Break Free” from our Man vs Machine EP. We would greatly appreciate you posting it on your blog and we would like to thank you again for posting our EP recently, we really appreciate it!

    Link –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa7EjfAHMHU

    Video Description:

    Check out No Limits “Break Free” video from their recent EP Man vs Machine, which released November 12th. The video consists of all original footage we have collected from recent live shows. Tell us what you think!

    Thank you,

    Gabe Nabors


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