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ImFromCleveland.com is a well-respected media outlet specializing in promoting the Cleveland hip-hop scene. It serves as a platform for the artists in the city to be heard. We have been nominated for “Best Media Outlet” in the state of Ohio at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards.

Contact: newclevelandmusic216@yahoo.com (for submissions, click here!)

In-Depth “About” Section

Below Write-up by John Stursa:

In 2008 I created a YouTube channel strictly for Cleveland artists to give them a place on the internet to promote their music. One day I received an email from E-V who happened to come across the channel, and he asked what I thought about starting a local website for music. A couple years later we had ImFromCleveland.com up and running. The site has really grown since the beginning days, and since then we reached out to some other bloggers to help maintain the workload.

If you are interested in wondering how our blog works, feel free to read the following:

We receive many emails everyday with submissions of music by artists and their managers. In order to keep ImFromCleveland as the #1 source for the BEST music in the city, we unfortunately have to turn down submissions that aren’t top notch material. The material and quality of this website is taken very seriously in an attempt to continuously advance the hip-hop culture in Cleveland. This is the place where you will be able to find EVERYTHING that is related to Cleveland and it’s music. I make sure that everyone added on the site has the same vision as I do. If you support local then your in the right place. Feel free to check out the site where you can find tons of music, videos, mixtapes, etc. We also have a page if you are interested in contacting us or submitting your material to be post. We can be found on social media.

How do we decide what to post? Does it cost to have my content posted on the site?

The IFC team collectively decides on what to post on the website. These are not decisions made by a single person. As a large outlet for local music we must keep the website filled with professional and high quality content. It’s as simple as this; if we believe the content is something that people should be hearing, and it is worth sharing then we will post it on the website for free. Once we post content on the site, we will offer extra promotion depending on how comfortable we are with pushing it. If we decide not to post content on the site, it is because we do not feel comfortable with putting the brand name behind it. We encourage people to continue sending their music because we listen to all of them, regardless of whether or not we have turned you down in the past.



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    Please take a couple of minutes to check out Siah Banz new video “Rockin Party”. He’s a up coming artist from Cleveland and I think you will really like the song/video.If its nice please share on your website and THANKYOU… http://youtu.be/v71DYyS4nTs

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